What is POTD?

A brief overview of what Path of the Dovahkiin is.

Path of the Dovahkiin is, first and foremost, a modlist for Skyrim: Special Edition that can be installed using Wabbajack. If you’re unfamiliar with the terminology, a modlist is a list of mods that have been hand-selected and patched to work together. Wabbajack, meanwhile, is a tool that can replicate a modlist from the creator’s PC onto yours. This means you can install hundreds of mods in just a few short hours and expect them to work with very minimal effort on your part.

Looking for riches untold, countless hordes of enemies, the ability to truly master a dungeon and its layout, and a world with thousands of possibilities? You’ve come to the right place, Dovahkiin. The path you choose will dictate how your adventure unfolds, and you can spend an endless amount of time choosing that path. Or make your choices as the piles and piles of loot roll in, it’s up to you.

Path of the Dovahkiin is the ultimate ARPG in Skyrim experience. Inspired by classic games like Diablo 2 and their modern incarnations, Path of Exile and Last Epoch, PotD is full of all the things you’d expect in an ARPG modlist. Huge perk trees, increased enemy variety and number, over a million different pieces of weapons and armor, replayable dungeons, and of course, endless character build theorycrafting. Combine this with both performant and pretty graphics, and you have an experience that is quite unique among Skyrim modlists.

While of course you could do the main quest for the millionth time (there’s a unique reward for doing so, after all), your primary goal in this list is to craft your character into a powerful, enemy-slaying, gold-collecting, loot-hoarding machine. Everything in the list is geared towards this purpose. Grind for the perfect weapon to complement your build, the ultimate combination of spells, or find an entirely new way to define “gotta go fast”.

So, what path will you choose, Dovahkiin?