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Upcoming Modlists

These modlists will be available sometime in the future.

Atelier 2

Estimated Release: July 2023

Atelier is a Skyrim Special Edition modlist focused on one thing and one thing only: being beautiful. It is a screen archer’s paradise. It is an extremely high quality graphics and bug fixes only modlist intended as either a base to build from or a screen archer’s playground.


Estimated Release: When it’s ready.

“Immerse” yourself in hilarious chaos with our Immurshun modlist for Skyrim Special Edition. From absurdly funny NPCs to outrageous weapons, experience a wild adventure that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Zenithar’s Forge

Estimated Release: Q4 2024

Forge your own path in a realistic and immersive world with Zenithar’s Forge, a modlist for Skyrim Special Edition. From realistic crafting to in-depth trade mechanics, experience the challenges and rewards of being a skilled tradesperson or forged-in-fire veteran in this unique and engaging roleplaying adventure.

Archived Modlists

These lists are no longer available to be installed, but their documentation is available here. Click a logo to be taken to the documentation for that list.

Living Skyrim 3