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Available Modlists

Living Skyrim 3

ForgottenGlory's flagship modlist, Living Skyrim, is a full-featured overhaul of Skyrim SE with the intent to breathe life into the often empty areas of the world. NPCs, quests, new worldspaces, and interactive content are the focus of this modlist. All of this on top of a beautiful graphics package.


Morrowind Overall Improvement Suite Enhanced (MOISE) is a basic, primarily graphical overhaul for Morrowind GOTY edition. It includes all of the necessities required to begin a Morrowind modding adventure.


Masterstroke is a NSFW Skyrim SE list focused on fun and engaging content with an emphasis on customization. It includes survival mechanics, fun combat, and a healthy dose of sexy content. Combined with a performant and pretty graphics package and hand-picked NPC visuals, you get a list that will challenge and "inspire" you.

Path of the Dovahkiin

Path of the Dovahkiin is the ultimate ARPG-in-Skyrim experience. Fast combat, Vokriinator Black, hordes of enemies, infinite loot variety, replayable dungeons, performant and pretty graphics, and of course, endless character build theorycrafting. What path will you choose, Dovahkiin?

Upcoming Modlists

Atelier 2

Atelier 2 is an upcoming Skyrim SE modlist by ForgottenGlory, developed in partnership with Day7.

President Eden's Paradise

(Placeholder Logo) President Eden's Paradise is an upcoming Fallout 3 modlist by ForgottenGlory.

Living Skyrim 4

Living Skyrim 4 is coming, either at the end of 2022 or early 2023. Click the logo above to see the latest roadmap.


The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Essential Fixes and Tweaks (WEEEFT) is an upcoming Witcher: Enhanced Edition modlist by ForgottenGlory.