Lover's Lab Mods

Information about the mods needed from Lover’s Lab.

Because we cannot automatically downloads mods from LoversLab, like we do for Nexus, users have to manually download them through Wabbajack.

If that fails for you somehow you can use the table below to download the mods manually and put them into the download folder you specified, by default Masterstroke/downloads.

LAST UPDATED: 08/27/2023 - Masterstroke 1.9.2

Mod Name Version to download
TRX - Futanari Horse Addon Download 1403708856_TRX-FutanariHorseAddon1_11.7z
BakaFactory SLAL Animations Press download
The TRappings of Fate Download 2023_04_23_The Trappings of Fate v1.2.0.7z and TheTrappingsOfFate - BRRF Patch.7z
Milk Mod Economy SE Download Milk-Mod-Economy-Assets-SE-2019-06-04.7z and Milk-Mod-Economy-Bodyscaling-Bodymorph.7z and Milk-Mod-Economy-Scripts-20211102.7z and 3BA for
Anubs Animations for SE Download Anub H 3.2021.7z
Baka Motion Data Pack Download Baka Motion Data Pack.7z
CBPC Anus Support Download CBPC Anus Support 2.2 FOMOD
CO More Creatures Download CO More Creatures 1.8.2 (With Hostile Creatures).rar
More Nasty Critters Download CreatureFrameworkV3-1.7z
Damsel in Distress- SE - Follower Collection Download Damsels in Distress - SE (0) - Follower Collection ESL v2.3.7z
Damsel in Distresss - SE (2) - The Caged Rose Download Damsels in Distress - SE (2) - The Caged Rose v1.1 ESL.7z
Devious Device Helpers Press download
Devious Lore SE Download Devious Lore SE v3.0.2.7z and Devious Lore SE - KS Hairs Patch and Devious Lore Dwarven Gilded Oil Suit 3BA.7z
Deviously Enchanted Chests Press download
Deviously Helpless Press download
EggFactory Press download
Estrus Chaurus Spider Addon Download Estrus-Chaurus-Spider-Addon v4.342-5.7z and ES DDI Patch.7z
Estrus Chaurus Download Estrus Chaurus V4.390 SE.7z
Estrus Chaurus Retexture Download Estrus-Retexture .rar
Fill Her Up - Baka Edition Press download
Furniture Framework Download FurnAnim and FurnitureMarkerSex v0_15
Furniture Sex Marker Patch Hub Download Furniture Sex Marker Patch Hub
Gender Bender SE Press download
Heat and Hunger Download Heat and Hunger - v2.1 FOMOD.7z
Horny Creatures of Skyrim Download HornyCreaturesofSkyrimSE_V2_1a.7z
JK’s Skyrim + MME Patch Press download
KS Hair for Laura’s Shop Press download
Laura’s Bondage Shop Download Laura's Bondage Shop v3.42 SE version - By aurreth.7z
Lewdmarks Download LewdMarks v2.02 all-in-one.7z
Lewdmarks Aroused Download LewdMarksAroused v0.21.7z
Maelstrom - Norse Dungeon Quest Mod Press download
Maids II Sexlab Patch Download Maids II Sexlab Patch SE 1.2.7z
Milk Addict SE Press download
Maids II - Deception Download Mod Patches.7z
No Overpenetration SE Press download
SexLab - Kyne’s Blessing Download ParasitesSE20230226.7z and ParasitesTexturesSE20230226.7z and ParasitesVoicePackSE20230226.7z
Public Whore Download Public Whore v1.2.5
Schlongs of Skyrim Download Schlongs_of_Skyrim_SE - v1.1.4.rar
Schlongs of Skyrim AE Download SchlongsOfSkyrim_1_1_5-DLL-1_6_640.7z
Scrappies Matchmaker Press download
SexLab - Sexual Fame Press download
SexLab - Aroused Creatures Download SexLab Aroused Creatures SE v04.12.7z
SexLab - Baka Defeat Download Sexlab Baka Defeat 1.50.7z
SexLab - BJ Sound FX Replacer Press download
SexLab - Eager NPCs Download SexLab EagerNPCSERev2.7z
SexLab Framework Sound Replacer Download Sexlab Framework Sound Replacer AIO.7z
SexLab - Pheromones Press download
SexLab Solutions - Revisited Download SexLab Solutions v3 - Revisited SE v1.1.5.7z
SexLab Separate Orgasm Download SexLab-Separate-Orgasm 2023-01-16.7z
SexLab Framework Download SexLabFrameworkAE_v165.7z
Simple Slavery Plus Plus Download Simple Slavery Plus Plus 6.3.19 [SE].zip
Skooma Whore - Addicted Download SLSW Addicted 3.70 SE-LE.7z and Skooma Whore Patch V1.04 SE.7z
Skooma Whore SE Press download
SexLab Dirty Deeds Missives Download SL Dirty Deeds Missives1.3.3.7z
SLAL Animation Pack by Leito Press download
SexLab Animation Loader SE Press download
SexLab Cum Textures Remake Download SlaveTats CumTextures Remake v1.2.5.7z
SexLab - Drunk Redux Download SLDrunkRedux v1.3.7z
SexLab - Widgets Download SLWidgets 2.0.8 (SE).zip
LLAPC - LoversLab Attachment Patch Compendium Download SOS - Futanari - Patch for CBBE SE Femenine Argonian Textures (Lizard ONLY).7z and SOS - Futanari - Patch for CBBE SE Femenine Khajiit Textures (Gray Cat ONLY).7z
SOS - Futanari Addon - CBBE Press download
SOS Female Schlongifier No Schlong Press download
Submissive Lola: The Resubmission Download SubmissiveLolaResubmission
The Ancient Profession Download The Ancient Profession 0.14.7z
TAP Interiors Download TAP Interiors 1.5.4.rar
Transformative Elixiers Download Transformative Elixirs
TRX - Futanari Addon Download TRX - Futanari Addon124.7z
TRX - SOS Addon Male Press download