...Progress a quest?

How do I progress a quest?

Many quests in Living Skyrim have been modified from their vanilla forms, primarily by At Your Own Pace. You should familiarize yourself with this mod, but more details specific to Living Skyrim are below.

Dragonborn and Dawnguard are both delayed until you are high enough level to reasonably take them on thanks to Timing Is Everything. You can tweak this mods’ settings in its MCM if you wish.

Main Quest

Before anything else, you should know that the main Skyrim storyline is no longer a level 1 questline in Living Skyrim. Bleak Falls Barrow contains draugr that start at level 16 and the very first dragon fight is against a level 40 dragon. You should be at least level 10 before even considering starting the main story. Also, you should bring a follower or two just in case.

To begin the main quest, talk to Jarl Balgruuf. After speaking to him, Farengar becomes your point of contact for pretty much the entire questline. Whenever it seems that the main quest has stopped, talk to Farengar. The main storyline stops at multiple points (pretty much after every quest) to give you the opportunity to go do other things if you’d like. These breaks may also be necessary in the event you come across enemies that are far too strong for you to tackle.

College of Winterhold

Similar to the main quest, the College of Winterhold is not a level 1 questline. The draugr you fight in Saarthal will likely be at least level 15, if not higher. Come prepared.

The College of Winterhold questline now requires to you be a mage to actually participate in it. After First Lessons is complete, you’ll need to speak to Tolfdir to begin the expedition to Saarthal. Like the main quest, the College of Winterhold has several points where it stops to allow you to go do other things. However, these stops are dictated by your magic skills. After Saarthal, you’ll need a magic skill at level 50, 65, and then 90 to proceed with the subsequent quests.

Thieves’ Guild

The Thieves’ Guild is one of the few questlines that can be done from level 1, though its later quests will definitely require you to be higher level than vanilla Skyrim.

However, to start the Thieves’ Guild questline, you need to actually be a thief. Brynjolf won’t speak to you about the Thieves’ Guild unless you have stolen a certain amount of items, dictated by the Thieves’ Guild Requirements MCM. The breaks introduced to the Thieves’ Guild questline are mainly dictated by the radiant quests, since they are optional to accept and complete. You’ll need to complete a certain amount of radiant quests before being able to proceed with the next major quest in its line.

The Companions

The Companions questline can technically be started at level 1, but it depends on where the first radiant quest takes you as to what level you actually need to be to proceed with it. Regardless, the Companions questline functions very similarly to the Thieves’ Guild questline - the breaks it has are dictated by radiant quests. You’ll also need to complete many more radiant quests than vanilla Skyrim to proceed with the major quests in the questline.

Dark Brotherhood

The Dark Brotherhood is largely unchanged, except for one major detail: “Good” characters can now complete the questline without committing a single crime, resulting in the destruction of the Dark Brotherhood.