Dungeons & Deviousness: Director's Cut

Have you ever watched a movie, thought it was good, and then watched the Director’s Cut and thought it was 10x better? That’s this list. If you’ve played Dungeons & Deviousness before, you mostly know what you’re getting into. But the Director’s Cut is so much more.

Inside this modlist you’ll find a semi-hardcore survival experience combined with some of the most intriguing NSFW mods available for Skyrim SE. Pair that with many traditional RPG elements, difficulty increases across the board, and what you end up with is a modlist that will challenge you to rise above the carnage, lust, and loot to become the Dragonborn - maybe not the one Skyrim needs, but the one this version of Skyrim deserves.

You’ll build your character, gather an adventuring party, and quest into unholy dungeons that seek to corrupt at every turn. Hoard your loot, increase your skills, and survive the brutal wilderness of Skyrim. In the end, maybe you’ll even save Skyrim from total destruction.

Your journey will be fraught with carnal creatures, devious chests, steadfast followers, and the ever-present danger of a world that wants you either dead or enslaved - it doesn’t much care which. Should you defeat these challenges, though, you’ll come out with gold unimaginable, artifacts capable of striking down foes in but a single blow, and that same entire carnal world at your fingertips.

So gather your courage, gather your party, and brace your loins. It’s going to be a hell of a ride.