Moderator Handbook


Congratulations, you’ve been kidnapped recruited to the rank of Moderator or above on the FG’s Modlists Discord server! Don’t worry, everything’s going to be just fine. This webpage will help you get familiar with your new role and the responsibilities and handy information I’ve made available to you as a member of staff.

If you’re here, it means you’ve been recognized as friendly, active, and helpful within the community. Thank you for being an awesome person and I hope you enjoy your stay. There’s coffee, tea, and even alcohol if you want it. We order pizza every Friday.

Staff Etiquette

You as a member of staff are a representative of the entire community. If you are here, then you’ve already displayed the three pillars of staff etiquette:

  1. Helpful: You provide assistance to users when they need it and are willing to help troubleshoot issues.

  2. Friendly: You are courteous, respectful, and genuine.

  3. Active: You are active within the Discord server, meaning you send messages frequently and freely without prompting and respond when queried.

Staff Channels

Being staff gives you some sweet perks, including access to the entire range of staff channels on the Discord server. Here’s what they are and their purpose:

  • #moderator-stuff: For discussing warnings, bans, and other moderator actions.
  • #cool-kids-club: For general staff banter including memes, venting, and more.
  • #lists-discussion: For general discussion related to any and all of the modlists.
  • #bug-hunting: For generic bug hunting that we do on the modlists.¬†
  • #server-log: A log of just about everything that happens in the server. Highly recommended that you mute this one.
  • #mod-action-log: A log of moderator-specific actions - warnings, bans, etc.
  • Development Channels: There are several development channels related to lists that are actively undergoing development. You have unfiltered access to these.

Heimskr, the Bot

Heimskr is a nickname given to our premium copy of DynoBot, a powerful and useful Discord bot with a whole host of commands at his disposal. If you’re here, you’ve likely seen quite a few of the commands he’s capable of responding to.

Disciplinary Actions

As a Moderator or above, you’re expected to enforce the rules of the server. In general, the rule is “three strikes and you’re out” unless otherwise specified. If you are uncertain if a rule has been broken, feel free to discuss it with other staff in #moderator-stuff.

To warn someone, use this bot command, replacing things in brackets as appropriate. Do not include the brackets.

!warn [@Username] [Reason for warning]

To mute someone, use this bot command, replacing things in brackets as appropriate. Do not include the brackets.

!mute [@Username] [Duration (ex: 1h, 10m, etc.)] [Reason for mute]

To ban someone, use this bot command, replacing things in brackets as appropriate. Do not include the brackets.

!ban [@Username] [Reason for ban]

To exile someone to Hotel Rule 11, use this bot command, replacing things in brackets as appropriate. Do not include the brackets.

!rolepersist [@Username] Rule 11

User Notes

Using Heimskr, you can also make a note about a user for future reference. These notes are to be kept private and for staff reference only. Do not put them anywhere public.

The syntax for the note commands is as follows:

!note will add a note to a user that can be referenced in the future.

!note [@username] [words]

!notes will retrieve the notes available for a user, if there are any.

!notes [@username]

If you need to clear/remove a note from a user, let me (FG) know.

Other Bot Commands

Here is a complete list of bot commands available to you:

  • !suggestion - mod suggestions response

  • !antivirus - details about antivirus issues

  • !banned - thor smash meme

  • !ls3bug - directs user to report LS3 bug on Github

  • !caniadd - details about adding mods

  • !ls3changelog - links to LS changelog

  • !crashlog - requests a crashlog

  • !dnd - directs user to D&D channels

  • !ls3keymap - link to LS3 keymap

  • !ls3modlist - link to LS modlist spreadsheet

  • !ls3mcm - link to LS MCM document

  • !tudm - advises of the keybind for TUDM and how to unstuck

  • !shredder - Skyrim Shredder reference

  • !portable - portable MO2 reference

  • !crafting - crafting recipe meme

  • !saves - save file location reference

  • !enbmanager - ENB Manager reference

  • !pagefile - directions on how to fix out of memory crash

  • !patreon - link to FG’s patreon

  • !ls3readme - link to LS readme¬†

  • !restart - restart WJ info

  • !skyrim - aliens guy meme

  • !thetriple - Rule 11 all-in-one

  • !vc - Visual C++ info

  • !wjlog - requests WJ log file

  • !wjreset - instructions to reset WJ

  • !rule[number] - references a specific rule Ex: !rule11

  • !gff - Game Folder Files reference

  • !heimskr - Heimskr’s full speech

  • !ls3gamepad - Advises about Gamepad++

  • !ls3presets - useful LS3 presets info

  • !ls3screenshots - useful LS3 screenshots info

  • !hotelrule11 - Hotel Rule 11 meme

  • !assign - Refers user to #role-assignment

  • !dndkeymap - link to D&DDC keymap

  • !dndbug - directs user to report D&DDC bug on github

  • !scaling - information on adjusting windows display scaling for the modlists

  • !skyrimae - information on Skyrim Anniversary Edition including a link to the downgrade patcher on nexus

  • !maintenance - information on what the ‘under maintenance’ message means in Wabbajack

If you want to recommend a command to be added to the list, just let me know and I’ll get it done.


If you have any questions about anything related to moderating the FG’s Modlists Discord Server, feel free to reach out to me (ForgottenGlory) or any other member of staff. We’ll be happy to assist.

Other Resources

Leaving Staff

While I would hate to see you go, I do understand that sometimes people either don’t want the responsibility of a staff role or have other commitments that don’t allow them to continue as staff. There are absolutely zero hard feelings about stepping down from staff at any time and for any reason - all I ask is that you let me know if you need to step down. If you do, I thank you for your time and assistance and wish you all the best.