Troubleshooting Masterstroke

Lover’s Lab Downloads

Lover’s Lab files can have issues when downloading through Wabbajack. it is therefore recommended to download these manually in your web browser before you install. The filenames are listed here along with the mod page containing them. Please ensure you download the correct file from the mod pages

2022_06_12_The Trappings of Fate v0.3.0.7z
3BA for MME.zip
Anub H 3.2021.7z
Babo SLAL Human SE.7z
Deviously Enchanted Chests SE 3.11.7z
Fill Her Up Baka Edition.7z
FurnAnim v0_13.zip
FurnitureMarkerSex v0_14_3 SE.zip
Gossip - 0.952.zip
Maids II Sexlab Patch SE 1.2.7z
Milk Addict SE v0.5.3.7z
Mod Patches.7z
Public Whore v1.1.4 SE.zip
PW Hero Fame Patch.zip
Schlongs_of_Skyrim_SE - v1.1.4.rar
ScrappiesMatchmaker - 1.2.zip
Sex Lab - Sexual Fame 0.99.rar
Sexlab Baka Defeat.7z
Sexlab BJ Sound FX replacerv0.1.rar
SexLab EagerNPCSERev2.7z
Sexlab Framework Sound Replacer AIO.7z
SexLab Solutions v3 - Revisited SE v1.1.5.7z
SexLab-Separate-Orgasm-SE-1.7.9 SL1.63.7z
Simple Slavery Plus Plus 6.3.15 [SE].zip
Skooma Whore Patch V1.04 SE.7z
Skooma Whore SE v1.01.7z
SlaveTats CumTextures Remake v1.2.5.7z
SLDrunkRedux v1.3.7z
SLSW Addicted 3.65 SE.7z
SLWidgets 2.0.5 (SE).zip
SOS - Futanari - Patch for CBBE SE Femenine Argonian Textures (Lizard ONLY).7z
SOS - Futanari - Patch for CBBE SE Femenine Khajiit Textures (Gray Cat ONLY).7z
SOS - Futanari CBBE SSE V1.1b.7z
State of Dress - 1.0.3.zip
Transformative Elixirs v1.1.0.7z
SoS Uncloaked.zip
Laura’s Bondage Shop v3.32 SSE version - by tznvlw.7z

Wabbajack Issues

“A mod failed to download.”

First, you can also try enabling the Network Workaround option in the settings for Wabbajack to see if it will download the file after enabling that setting.

Secondly, Some downloads that commonly fail but do not usually require a list update are listed under this section, please check the files listed there if any of them are the files failing to download.

Otherwise, wait for an update to the list. The long answer is you can try to install the missing mods manually if the files are still available on the Nexus, but again, do not ask for anyone to share old files. I work a full-time job in addition to several other personal projects, of which Masterstroke is just one. If installs are failing, I will try to update as quickly as possible but sometimes it may be a couple of days before I can get to it.

“MEGA hosted files are failing to download.”

If MEGA downloads are either not downloading correctly or are frozen on the completed download page download the manually from the following links and place them in your Masterstroke download folder:

“Community Overlays 1 - CBBE Male and Female Repackage fails to download.”

Download the file from the link provided here: Community Overlays 1 and place it in your Masterstroke download folder, then restart the install process.

“Core Masterstroke Files are failling to download.”

Masterstroke includes a number of custom output mods and bodyslides that need to be downloaded, if any of the following files are failing to download, use the mirror links provided to download the files and place them in your Masterstroke download folder, and try the install again.

“Wabbajack says I’m out of requests.”

Nexus Premium is limited to 2500 downloads in a given 24 hour timeframe. Usually this limit resets around 9PM Eastern Time. Wait for your limit to reset and you’ll be able to proceed. Usually this only occurs after attempting to download the list multiple times in a row or when attempting to download multiple lists in the same 24 hour window.

“Can I pause the installation?”

Yes, just close Wabbajack. When you start the installation process again it will pick up from where it left off.

“Can I delete the downloads folder after installing?”

Yes, but remember that if you need to update the list you will have to download all of the mods that have updated again.

“ENB Series fails to download.”

You’ll need to download this manually and put it in your downloads folder. The mirror for this file can be found here: ENB Series

“Nemesis Unlimited Behaviour Engine fails to download.”

You will need to download this manually and put it in your downloads folder. The mirror is located here: Nemesis Unlimited Behaviour Engine

“Skyrim Game files are failing to download.”

If your Skyrim game files (SkyrimSE.exe, Data_Skyrim.esm, Data_Skyrim - Textures0.bsa, etc.) are failing to download this is most commonly caused by your Skyrim Special Edition being set to a language other than English in Steam, check this first. If you continue to get errors on these files verify your game files using Steam.

Gameplay Issues

“Can I access RaceMenu after character creation?”

Only if you are not changing your character’s gender or race. Changing gender/race will cause issues with powers and passive buffs your character has.

“My screen is zoomed in or weirdly off-center.”

Check the SSE Display Tweaks INI file to make sure you have the resolution for your screen set correctly. You may also need to check BethINI or the Skyrim INI files to make sure they all match your screen’s resolution.

“MO2 cannot find SKSE.”

You’ll need to manually set the path for SKSE using the Edit Executables menu in MO2. Set it to [install folder]\Stock Game\skse64_loader.exe. If you cannot locate this file it has likely been falsely quarantined by your antivirus software.

“Can I use a controller?”

I strongly advise against it. With as many mods as there are in the list, you’ll need a full breadth of keyboard keys to activate and use every feature. If you absolutely must play with a controller, please, for the love of all that is holy, use Gamepad++.

“My game freezes when saving.”

Make sure you’ve disabled all overlays for Skyrim. The most common ones are Discord, Steam, and nVidia. Other overlays from things like MSI Afterburner and f.lux have also been known to cause issues.

“Can I play this list on a 75/100/144hz screen?”

Yes. Display Tweaks SSE is included to allow higher refresh rates.

“Can I use this list on an ultrawide monitor?”

Yes, Enable the correct Nordic UI patch for your aspect ratio AND the Nordic UI - Ultrawide Fixes and Patches mod in the Customizaiton Seperator on the left side of Mod Organizer.

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