Character Creation & MCMs

Character Creation

Make your character as normal using RaceMenu. No other steps are required before completing MCM Configuration and the Post-MCM steps.

MCM Configuration

When you are finished making your character, a bunch of text will start scrolling in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Wait for all text to disappear from the top left before proceeding. If you receive any pop-up messages during this wait, click through them.

Now, save your game. Then load that save.

A popup will appear from SexLab - Sexual Fame talking about a consistence check of Papyrus location storage failing. This popup can be safely ignored, the issue will be resolved in a moment by MCM Recorder.

Once again, text will appear in the top left hand corner of the screen. Wait for all text to disappear from the top left before proceeding.

Now, go into the MCM and find MCM Recorder.

Click on the Masterstroke MCM option. You’ll be prompted to exit the MCM. Do so. You’ll then receive a popup with information about the MCM preset you’ve chosen. Click “Run Recording”.

Once again, WAIT. This can take up to 10 minutes to complete. During this wait, if you receive any pop-up messages, click through them. When it is finished, you will receive one final pop-up message stating the MCMs are now configured.

Now save your game. Then load that save. Yes, this must be done a second time.

After this, you just have two final tasks before you begin playing.

Post-MCM Configuration Chracter Creation

Sets of Skills

Sets of Skills is a class mod that I encourage you to read the mod page about. It will allow you to select a class for your character that will give you buffs as you level up. Be sure to read the options carefully. To select a class, open the Sets of Skills MCM and pick a class from the dropdown menu.


You likely want to customize the body of your character. To do so, with all menus closed, press the letter U key. A menu will appear with all of the installed body presets. You can select whichever one you like and can change it at any time by pressing the letter U key to open the menu again. This also works for NPCs - aim your crosshair at the NPC whose body you would like to change, press the letter U key and then pick a new body preset for them.


The SexLab MCM contains an option for your character to be heterosexual, bisexual, or homosexual. You should open the MCM for SexLab and select your character’s preference under the Sex Diary menu.


Unfortunately MCM Recorder does not like setting hotkeys, so the following hotkeys must be set manually:

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