Living Skyrim 4 Alpha Documentation

Let’s Be Real

This is an extremely barebones version of what will be the final documentation for Living Skyrim 4. It’s only intended to make sure that Alpha Testers can get their copy of the list up and running with minimal issues.

Installing the List

  1. Download the latest version of the Alpha
  2. Open Wabbajack
  3. Click “Install from Disk”
  4. Find the file you downloaded.
  5. Install the list as normal.

Before Launching The Game

Before you launch the game, you’ll want to choose between the regular profile and the performance profile. The differences are very minor, but the performance profile does have significantly better performance than the regular profile. Use the Profile dropdown menu in Mod Organizer 2 to switch between them.

I highly recommend that you try the regular profile before switching to the performance profile - you’d be surprised how good performance can be on the regular profile.

You’ll also want to use ENB Organizer to pick an ENB. The default (Rudy’s Zangdar Edit) is extremely pretty but pretty heavy on performance. iiENB or Culminated (Performance) are still pretty but much more performant. If you want to maximize gorgeousness for screenshots, use Rudy’s Zangdar Edit or PI-CHO (Quality).

MCMs and Character Creation

This should be pretty familiar coming from LS3. The MCM Recording will automatically run, then pick a class using the book, pick a background using the Reflect power in your shouts menu. There is a potential bug in Realm of Lorkhan where you won’t have the class book in your inventory. I haven’t been able to consistently replicate it so if this happens to you please let me know via a bug report.

Have fun!

We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to help us with the modlist. If you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to reach out on Discord in the #ls4-alpha channel.