Important Mods

The most important mods you need to know about.

Modding Tools

SSEE includes numerous tools that you absolutely should familiarize yourself with if you plan to make a stable, functional modlist:

  • ENB Organizer
  • FNIS
  • Nemesis
  • Cathedral Assets Optimizer
  • DynDOLOD
  • TexGen
  • EasyNPC
  • MatorSmash
  • NifSkope
  • SSEEdit
  • Wrye Bash
  • xLODGen
  • zEdit
  • Synthesis
  • BodySlide and OutfitStudio
  • MCM Recorder


Similarly, SSEE also includes numerous resources that are required to make other mods work. Some of the most notable ones include: Dynamic Animation Replacer, Base Object Swapper, Papyrus Extender, UI Extensions, Spell Perk Item Distributor, Keyword Item Distributor, MCM Helper, PapyrusUtil, .NET Script Framework, and Address Library. For good measure it also includes such modlist staples as SkyUI, RaceMenu, and More Informative Console.

Bug Fixes

Numerous bug fixes for the vanilla game have been included, such as SSE Fixes, SSE Engine Fixes, Actor Limit Fix, Mfg Fix, Actor Limit Fix, Scrambled Bugs, and USSEP. Refer to the complete modlist for a list of all of the included bug fixes.

Quality of Life

SSEE includes several quality of life mods that, in my opinion, should be included in every modlist. These include HD Local Map, Player Rotation in RaceMenu, Better Jumping, Yes I’m Sure, Stay at the System Page, Favorite Misc Items, Essential Favorites, and so on. You should definitely check this section to see which quality of life mods you do or do not want to use (though using all of them is highly recommended).