What is Silent Skyrim?

A brief overview of what Silent Skyrim is.

Inspired heavily by games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Amnesia, and Pathologic, Silent Skyrim seeks to turn Skyrim into a harsh, unforgiving, and horrific land. The world has been overrun by undead and the towns and cities you are familiar with have been emptied after Alduin and his legion of dragons destroyed them. In their place, you’ll find tiny bastions of safety scattered in new and unfamiliar locations.

Silent Skyrim features hardcore survival mechanics, a totally revamped atmosphere and weather system, and dank, dark lighting. The world of Skyrim is no longer the high fantasy adventure you’re used to. It also includes a realistic character progression system that will challenge your skill and encourage you to pick your fights and path carefully.

One of the main features of Silent Skyrim is the lack of quests in the world - the entire list is focused around finding your own challenges and success. There are a few mod-added quests but for the most part it will be up to you to set your own goals and progress.

It will be up to you to survive the horrors of the world and defeat Alduin - if you can.