Mandatory MCM configuration for the list.

Mandatory MCMs


  • Stamina
    • Souls-like Stamina System: Disabled
  • KeyButton
    • Power Attack key: Mouse 3 (mouse wheel click, or whatever key is convenient for you)

Quick Light

  • Brightness: Bright

Random Normal Attack

  • NPC Activate: Enabled

Sets of Skills

  • Settings
    • Enable Hardcore Mode: Enabled
    • Number of Classes you can master: 2


  • Presets
    • Click Load next to whichever preset you wish to use. You can and should test them all out to see which one works best for you\

Trade & Barter

  • Barter Rates
    • Modify Barter Rates: Enabled
    • Barter Presets: Difficult

True Directional Movement

  • Target Lock
    • Toggle Target Lock Key: Mouse 5 (forward button; or whatever key is convenient for you)


  • Enemy’s Level
    • Show Magicka Meter: Disabled
    • Show Stamina Meter: Disabled
    • Show Health Numbers: Disabled