...Change brightness?

How do I change brightness?

The brightness of any given location is entirely subjective. For some, it may be too dark. For others, it may be too bright. Before anything else, you should know that this is not a bug. The perceived brightness (or darkness, as the case may be) of a location is based on a huge number of factors:

  • Your monitor and its brightness/gamma settings.
  • Your in-game brightness/gamma settings.
  • The lighting mod being used.
  • The ENB preset being used.
  • Your eyes, believe it or not.
  • External lighting in your room, such as lamps and windows.
  • GPU settings.

It is impossible for us to design a modlist with 100% perfect lighting for everyone. If you find the brightness/darkness too much in either direction, the only thing we can recommend is to change settings until it is at an acceptable level for you. The first things you should try are switching ENB presets and adjusting brightness/gamma settings.