...Turn on autosaves?

How do I turn on autosaves?

In ForgottenGlory’s modlists, autosaves are disabled. This is intentional, as autosaves can try to save when scripts are running, which increases the chance of your save no longer being able to load.

Instead, you should make your quicksave button (by default F5) your best friend.

Please keep the following in mind when making saves:

  • It is always better to save before entering a loading screen instead of after. After a loading screen it is very likely that scripts will be running for at least 30 seconds, so if you must save after a loading screen, at least wait that long before doing so.

  • Avoid saving during combat. Multiple scripts are running during most combat encounters.

  • Additionally avoid saving over the same save multiple times, and avoid using the Quicksave option in the escape menu if it is present. Use the Save option or the quicksave hotkey as mentioned above.