Important Mods

The most important mods you need to know about.

Character Creation And Builds

Character Creation is fairly straightforward, but you should be aware that you can pick a class using Sets of Skills and its related MCM. By default you can master up to two classes and the classes you master are permanent, so plan carefully! More character builds are facilitated by Vokriinator Black, which you’ll notice in the form of the absolutely enormous perk trees. Perks From Questing gives you special, unique perks when you complete certain quest lines. Choose which quests to do that synergize with your character build for maximum effectiveness.

Leveling Up

This one’s important. You don’t level up like normal anymore in Path of the Dovahkiin. Instead, Gold is XP is used to… well, make gold into XP. When you sleep and have acquired enough gold, you’ll get the option to increase whichever skills you choose. This allows you to pick exactly which direction you want to build your character into. You’ll level up quickly until about level 20 or so, and then level ups will start taking longer and longer to receive. Gold is XP also counts gold you receive from selling loot, so keep that in mind. Note that because this mod is included, it’s near impossible to max every skill to 100. You’ll have to choose carefully and specialize to build your character.

It is possible to “respec” your perk choices. At a high enough player level scroll vendors may sell a ‘Scroll of Legends’ that can be used to refund all your perk points allowing you to redistribute them. These may be quite expensive though. If you’re lucky, however, you might run afoul of one in the wild.

The Enemy Mods

In general you’ll find that enemy variety and quantity is significantly increased thanks to Increased Enemy Spawns and Heritage. They’ve also been beefed up by Enemy Releveler. Dragons are handled by Dragon War. That said, enemies aren’t particularly more difficult, especially once your character build starts to come together. There’s also a handful of mods included that increase animal/monster variety.

Last but not least, enemies respawn every 24 in-game hours thanks to 1 Day Respawn Time. Feel free to grind and master dungeons to your heart’s content!

The Magic Mods

Triumvirate, Mysticism and Elemental Destruction Magic make up the magic package for Path of the Dovahkiin. Most spells have been overhauled and Triumvirate/EDM allow for most variety in spells and new builds based on those spells.

The Dungeons

For your enjoyment you’ll find Hammet’s Dungeons, Forgotten Dungeons, More Bandit Camps, Dungeons - Revisited, and Immersive Dungeons available to explore and conquer.

Loot, Loot, and More Loot

No ARPG would be complete without an absolutely insane amount of loot. POTD accomplishes this by using Halgari’s RPG Loot, which provides over one million unique pieces of armor and weapons you can collect and use. GOLD, Lock Related Loot, and Dynamic Dungeon Loot round out the loot package by increasing the amount you’ll find while dungeon delving.

To counterbalance the increased amount of loot, Trade & Barter is used to increase the price of items in shops and decrease the amount of gold your loot sells for.

Last but not least, if you’re feeling particularly brave, a tweaked version of MILK is included that pulls from the Halgari’s RPG Loot pool to give you random sets if items, gold, and more.

Last but not least, there are a couple of mods that add hidden treasures throughout the world that you can find.