Configuring the list to fit your system.

There are some mods that can be optionally enabled, depending on your preferences and computer configuration.

The first is Nordic UI 32x9 or 21x9. This should only be enabled if you are using a 21:9 or 32:9 monitor at 2560x1080 resolution or higher. Enable whichever one matches your screen’s aspect ratio and only that one.

Ultrawide support


By default, Masterstroke comes bundled with several ENB presets that you can choose between.

To switch between presets, launch ENB Organizer from within Mod Organizer 2. If you receive a message about ENB Organizer being unable to update, this is normal and can be safely ignored. Now, follow these instructions:

ENB organizer

  1. Click the three lines in the top left corner of ENB Organizer.
  2. Click “Presets” in the menu that appears.
  3. Note that by default Silent Horizons is enabled, indicated by the blue toggle under its name.
  4. Click on the toggle for any enabled presets (it should only be one at any given time) to disable it.
  5. Click on the toggle under any other preset to enable it.
  6. Wait 10 seconds, then you’re done!

Note that ENB can put a very heavy strain on weaker computers. If you would like to turn off ENB, simply disable all of the presets shown in ENB Organizer.

Support is not provided for adding additional ENB options to the modlist. If you want to add more options, you need to know how to use ENB Organizer and be familiar with the Stock Game feature that Masterstroke uses.