Out-Of-Game Changes

For changes that must be made outside the game.

Some changes to the list must be made in Mod Organizer 2 before launching the game.

MO Customization

Skin Textures

The default skin texture in Masterstroke is Fair Skin, if that isn’t to your liking we have prepared several options for you to choose from.
Note that you should only have one skin texture enabled in the “List customization”.

Bodyslides & OBody

OBody can be safely disabled in the left pane of MO2 if you do not want NPCs to have randomized bodyslide presets. Note that if you disable OBody, you will need to generate your own Bodyslides using Bodyslide. Support is not provided for generating your own Bodyslides.

Skimpy Outfits

Masterstroke contains additional bodyslides that allow you to select whether male and female outfits are skimpy or not. In the left pane of MO2, you can enable either “Masterstroke Bodyslides (Skimpy Male)” or “Masterstroke Bodyslides (Skimpy Female)”, or both if you want everyone to be wearing skimpy outfits.


By default, Masterstroke has a few options for the physics applied to your character. In-game, you can switch between CBPC and SMP physics by pressing Numpad +. If you find that neither of these is to your liking, you can safely disable 3BA 3BBB CBPC Realistic Firm Breasts Butt and Thighs (3BA RFBBT) in the left pane of MO2. This will make the CBPC option a bit bouncier.

Interior Brightness

By default, Lux makes interiors very dark. If you would like to brighten the interiors, enable Masterstroke Brighter Interiors in the left pane of MO2.