Difficulty & Realism

For changes related to difficulty/realism.

If you’d like the make the list more (or less) difficult, you’ll need to tweak a few things. You can also experiment with these settings if you’d like to tweak your experience.

Milk Addict

In this MCM you can tweak various features regarding becoming addicted to milk/lactacid. You can make it so you become addicted much faster or much slower.

Milk Mod

  • Settings
    • Difficulty: Whatever you want

Changing this setting makes it so you have to get milked more (or less) to increase your Milk Maid level.

Public Whore

The settings in this menu can make it easier or more difficult to finish being the Public Whore.

Sets of Skills

If you opt to not pick a class using Sets of Skills, you will not receive class bonuses which can make the game harder.

Simply Balanced

There’s no correct answer here, you’ll need to read through this MCM and see what settings you would like to change. With the Simply Balanced MCM you can make the game much harder or much easier. Play with the settings and see what works for you.


The survival mechanics can be tweaked to affect how frequently you need to fulfill your needs, or disabled completely.

Deviously Enchanted Chests

In this MCM you can change how often traps that place Devious Devices on your character occur, as well as control how frequently keys appear. Changing these settings can make the Devious Devices experience much harder or much easier.

Devious Devices

In this MCM you can change the difficulty of escaping toys as well as turn off various features related to Devious Devices, if that’s what you want.

Trade & Barter

  • Barter Rates
    • Barter Preset: Whatever you want

Making this change will make items sell for more or less and increase or decrease the cost of purchasing items.

SexLab Defeat

In this MCM you can change the requirements to be defeated as well as what happens when you are defeated. It can also be disabled completely if you want to forego the defeat mechanics in the list and would instead prefer to just die.