For changes related to the content available.

Some content is not to everyone’s tastes and can be safely disabled if you are not a fan of that content.

Fill Her Up

In this MCM you can modify or disable the mechanics related to being filled with fluids.

Gender Bender

While this only works with female player characters, Gender Bender can be optionally enabled or disabled if you either want or don’t want the ability to add a schlong to your character. It is recommended you leave this disabled if you do not want to play as a futa/femboy/trans character, but should be enabled if you do want to play as a futa/femboy/trans character. You can also enable futa NPCs using Gender Bender.

Keep It Breezy

Keep It Breezy allows you to swap normal armor for its Bikini variant. It can be modified or disabled in this mod’s MCM.

Milk Addict

The addiction to milk features can be disabled in this MCM.

Milk Mod

If you do not want to use the milk features of the list, these can be tweaked and disabled in this mod’s MCM.

Scrappies Matchmaker

The locations of where matchmaking occurs can be modified and disabled in this MCM.

Deviously Enchanted Chests

This MCM allows for trapped containers to be disabled if you do not want these mechanics.


Various other tweaks can be applied to Masterstroke depending on your preferences.

Quick Light

The lightsource can be modified safely to be brighter or less bright.


You should refer to the Masterstroke Keymap before changing hotkeys, but the hotkeys can be reassigned freely.

SmoothCam Preset

You can safely change the SmoothCam preset in this mod’s MCM if you do not like the default preset. You can and should experiment to see which camera variant you like best.