For detailed information about customizing Masterstroke to your tastes.

Masterstroke is intended to be customized to suit your playstyle. You can make things as hard or easy as you’d like, or turn off several features that you’re not interested in using. Below you’ll find information about things that can be safely customized. Most of the following changes should be made in the MCMs for Masterstroke after you have run the initial setup process for the MCMs.

Our Wiki provides additional information and tips about customizing Masterstroke to your liking: Click here

Out-Of-Game Changes

For changes that must be made outside the game.

Difficulty & Realism

For changes related to difficulty/realism.


For changes related to the content available.

Creature Profile

For changes related to the creature profile, including how to enable it.

Things You Shouldn't Mess With

Don’t mess with these settings.