Mod Organizer 2

Information about Mod Organizer 2.

Among other things, Wabbajack has installed a copy of Mod Organizer 2 for you. This copy of Mod Organizer 2 is specific to Living Skyrim and will not affect any other modlists you have installed.

  1. Inside your Living Skyrim folder, locate and launch ModOrganizer.exe. If this is not inside the folder, your installation has failed and you need to consult the Common Issues section of this document.
  1. Mod Organizer 2 will have a dark theme already selected for you. If it does not, something has gone wrong and you will need to start over at the Installing the List section of this document.
  2. A dialogue may appear and ask if you want to associate Mod Organizer with .nxm links. Click Yes. If this dialogue does not appear, it is not an issue and means you’ve likely already done this.
  3. Another dialogue may appear asking you to update the game’s registry path. Click Yes on this popup if it appears. If it does not appear, it is not an issue and likely means you’ve already done this.