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Information you need to know before beginning installing or playing Living Skyrim.

Before you get started installing or playing Living Skyrim, it’s important to note a few things:

  • If you instead only wish for a brief overview of the major changes this modlist makes, you should refer to the Important Mods You Need to Know About section of this document.
  • Autosaves for Living Skyrim are disabled. You should make your quicksave button your best friend (usually, the F5 key).
  • Continuing the last point, it is always better to save before entering a loading screen instead of after. After a loading screen it is very likely that scripts will be running for at least 30 seconds, so if you must save after a loading screen, at least wait that long before doing so. When practical, try to avoid saving during combat.
  • Characters in Living Skyrim are never nude - at minimum they will be wearing underwear.
  • By default, Living Skyrim has the game running in exclusive fullscreen mode to assist with game performance.