Survival Breakdown

Survival Changes in Empyrean.


Skyrim Special Edition 6_17_2023 1_51_13 PM Your Vitality meter will fill from left to right, indicating a higher level of well-being. Your warmth meter will fill from right to left, indicating that you are getting colder. Your Hunger, Thirst, and Rest meters will fill from the center out, and the lower they get, the hungrier/thirstier/more tired you are.


This section is for Skills of The Wild. This expands the campfire skill trees, and makes some changes to how campfire works. The in-depth changes are available on the mod page, but a brief breakdown is provided here

  • Default Campfire powers are now unlocked through exploring (Scrimshaw, Primative Crafting, Sense Direction, and Instincts)
  • This will ALSO change food that can be cooked, tying further into Last Seed. Starting out, you will only be able to cook charred meat, but with time (and patience), you’ll be cooking meals to rival the gourmet!
  • You will be able to tame and recruit animals to fight alongside you. Starting with small animals, but eventually working your way up to larger predators, such as Bears and Sabre Cats!
  • If you want to disable Skills of the Wild Click Me!!!

Warmth & Coverage

  • Skyrim is a cold, unforgiving tundra in most places. In others, its filled with rainstorms. You need to keep yourself both dry, and warm, if you want to survive to fufill your destiny. Different armors will provide different warmth and coverage ratings. You can see those values on the item card in your inventory.
  • Standing next to a fire will provide warmth, though if there is no shelter from the wind, the amount of warmth provided will be dimished. This can be mititgated by using large rocks, outcroppings, and tents. Snow, Rain, and Swimming will increase how wet you are. The more wet you are, the faster you get cold, so try to stay dry as much as possible.
  • Campfires can be built to keep you warm, provided you have the materials needed. Firewood can be collected by using a wood chopping block, and Deadwood can be gathered using the Harvest Wood power while in the forest.
  • While youre out adventuring, I would suggest making camp early, and often, as the weather in skyrim can change *drastically and on a whim. There are two different kinds of tents, Leather, and Fur. Leather will keep you dry, but will not keep you as warm. Fur will keep you warm, but will not keep you as dry.
  • Frostfalls default setting for high exposure is death, though I felt this was a little too harsh for Empyrean, and instead you will be rescued. Either your companions will start a small fire to warm you back up, or travellers will bring you to the Inn closest to your active quest (though they may take some of your gold in payment for saving you)


Last Seed introduces a new mechanic called Vitality. Vitality is an overall measure of your health and well-being. How well you eat, what drinks you consume, how (and where) you’ve slept, and how warm and dry you’ve kept yourself all contribute to your VItality. The higher your Vitality, the better health you are in. You become more resistant to diseases (more on that later), and through the Campfire perk system, there is an ability you can gain where you trade your Vitality for a massive damage increase. Sleeping in a warm, comfortable bed in an inn or your home will be better than sleeping in a tent in the wilderness, which is better than sleeping on a bedroll in a dungeon. Foods range from filling to snack, and drinks come in multiple varities. All fo this will contribute to your overall Vitality. If your Vitality drops to zero, Last Seed defaults to death, though Empyrean, once again, sets it to rescue.


Last Seed also introduces a new mechanic called Focus. What this does is pauses the progression of needs while you are engaged in combat, conversation, dungeon crawling, purchase menus, and crafting menus. Conversations, purchase menus, and crafting menus typically will not affect your needs that much. Dungeon crawling and combat on the other hand, will. When you enter a dungeon, your needs are put on ‘hold’, so that you do not have to worry about eating, drinking, or sleeping. When you exit the dungeon, your needs resume, taking into account the length of time you were ‘focused’ in the dungeon. Generally speaking, while you may leave the dungeon starving, dehydrated, and sleep deprived, as long as you remedy those ailments promptly, you shouldn’t suffer any ill effects. Combat functions in much the same way. The longer your combat lasts, the longer your needs are ‘paused’.


Diseases have recieved a complete makeover with Last Seed. There are now multiple different kinds (on top of the Vanilla diseases), that can be contracted any number of way. Being bitten by a wolf, drinking water directly from the river, eating raw or spoiled food, or letting yourself get to dirty. Potions of Cure Disease no longer exist, they are now Potions of Disease Resistance. These will provide a buff to your disease resistance, making you less likely to catch a disease. Priests and wandering Vigilants of Stendarr will cure you of your ailments, and Apothecaries will sell disease specific potions. Praying at a shrine no longer curses diseases either.


Last Seed provides a Provisions pack, which will store food for you, so that you don’t need to clutter up your inventory. This provisions pack starts at 15 carry weight, but can be increased via Campfire perk trees. You can set up an auto eat and drink function from the MCM, which will pull from your provisions pack first, and than your inventory.


Food can now spoil. If left in your inventory, your followers inventory, or your provisions pack for too long, food will begin to spoil. Food that would normally be found in the world (in chests, and barrels) will now be replaced by junk items, or spoiled/rotten variants. Food can be kept fresh by placing it in a player safe container (Chests, barrels, storage in a player home).

Follower Needs (disabled by default)

If you want to experience the full Last Seed effect, you can turn on follower needs, which will mean that your followers will now need to eat, drink, and sleep, and will look to you, as the leader, to provide those things. If you decide to turn this feature on, your provisions weight will increase to accomodate your followers needs, and the auto eat/drink feature will encompass your followers as well.


In combat, you may sustain injuries, ranging from mild bruising to shattered bones. There are a number of ways to treat these injuries. The first, and longest way to treat them, is to take a break from adventuring and let the wound heal on its own. It will take some time (The MCM is set to heal broken bones in 3 in game days). Potions of Cure Injuries are available (Cure Broken Bones, Bruises, Cuts), and these can be found in the world, or purchased from Apothecary shops. The easiest way is a gold donation to a temple int eh Walled Cities (Whiterun, Solitude, Markarth, Windhelm), and a priest will be able to heal your wounds for you.