MCM Configuration

Required steps to configure mods in Empyrean.

Most of the MCMs are already set up for you via MCM Recorder. When you load into the starting area (A heavily modified Realm of Lorkhan), create your character. Once you’re done creating your character, you will be prompted to choose a Deity. Worshipping your chosen God will provide benefits, so take your time, and read through what each God does. Fear not though, if you wish to worship the Overlord Supreme of Cheese, Sheogorath, that’s possible. After you’ve selected which deity you want to worship, feel free to wander around the Realm of Lorkhan, as the MCM Recording is now set to automatically run after character creation. Make sure you click through any text box popups.

The MCM Recording shouldn’t take too long to run, and will give you a notification when it is done running. We will get to Important Mods to Pay Attention To in the next section, but once the MCM Recorder says its complete, there are two more steps Ultrawide users (those with a 21x9 resolution) have to follow. Go into the Frostfall MCM, and select Empyrean Ultrawide in the profiles tab, and let it load. Than go into the Last Seed MCM, and select profile 2. This will allow the status bars to display in the proper positions. After that, you’re done.