Important Mods

The most important mods you need to know about.

These mods are going to be the ones that effect HOW the game is played.

Last Seed Dirt and Blood Pretty self-explantory, this adds Survival elements to the game. Now you have to eat, drink, and keep warm against the harsh cold of Skyrim, as well as keeping yourself clean. On top of that, to level up, you will have to find a bed to sleep in. This can be accomplished by either renting a room at an inn, or utilizing a bedroll from Campfire.

Wounds This will apply various wounds to the player in combat, based on a number of factors, i.e. Your armor rating, the weapon the enemy is using, your stamina, and how much health you have. Wounds range from cuts, to broken limbs. They are all treatable in various methods, as well as being able to have wandering Vigilants mend your ailments.

Follow on your Knees for WIntersun This one is SUPER important, because it will allow you to recieve a blessing at any shrine without being prompted if you want to follow that god.

Sets of Skills Sets of Skills allows you to pick a class (typically at level 1), that provides unique bonuses. As you progress in your class, you will unlock new classes, providing a new way to decide how you want to play.

The list of enemy mods is too long to put here, but your enemies are smarter, more numerous, and pack more of a punch than vanilla. Your enemies have the same perks, spells, and abilities as you, so be prepared.

Spellforge and Spell Tutor These two mods together completely overhaul how magic works in Skyrim. No longer can you just eat a spell tome to learn the spell. With Spell Tutor, each spell has a requirement, and a chance to utterly destroy the spell tome (Providing kindling for your campfire), or return the spell tome to you, unlearned. Spellforge supplements the lack of spell tomes available at vendors, by having you craft the spell using experimentation. Manipulating reality requires focus, and effort, and does not come easy.

Sneak Tools Sneak Tools is an alteration to the stealth system. It has many features, too many to list, so if you’re intending on a Thief or Assassin style playthrough, you should give the mod a read over.

EnaiSiaion’s entire suite. This list includes Growl, Sacrosanct,Imperious, Ordinator, Andromeda, Summermyst, and Thunderchild

Spells - There are oodles, canoodles, and toaster strudels to choose from. From Apocalypse, to Triumvirate, to Darenii’s full suite of spells. Packed with wonderful idle and combat animations, as well as Strange Runes for the super fancy casting!

Meditate with Paarthurnax - Paarthurnax is a Dragon as old as Alduin, but you can only meditate on three words of power. With Rotmulaag, you can now meditate on all of the shouts available, providing unique bonuses when those shouts are used.

Followers - What adventure would be complete without companions to share in the triumphs and failures? Inigo, everyone’s favorite blue Khajiit, Lucien, a nerdy Imperial Scholar who grows in power alongside you, Auri, the firey Bosmer archer, Remiel, the quirky Dwemechanic, Gore, a Nord warrior with a troubled past, and Xelzaz, the Argonian Lawman for House Telvanni