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Information you need to know before beginning installing or playing Empyrean.


Getting started with Empyrean

This list requires 222GB of storage space, with 69GB of that being downloads

The following things are needed to run Empyrean, and should be installed prior to installation of the list

It’s now time to begin the installation of the list. Follow these steps:

  1. Run Wabbajack.exe.
  2. At the bottom of the window, click Browse Modlists.
  1. Put a check into the “Show Unofficial Lists” checkbox at the top of the window.
  2. Locate the Empyrean card and click the download button to download the installer file.
  3. Once downloaded, click the play button.
  4. Below the image you see of the Empyrean logo, there are three text boxes. The second and third need to be filled out.
  5. Click the three dots in the second (middle) box. Navigate to your Empyrean folder and then select this folder in the window that appears. This middle box tells you where the list will be installed, including the copy of Mod Organizer 2 that you’ll need to use to launch the list.
  6. The third (bottom) box will automatically populate using the folder you just selected. This third box tells you where all of the mods will be downloaded. If you have hard drive limitations, you may change this to another folder on another hard drive by clicking the three dots in this box and selecting a new folder.
  7. Click the play/right arrow button to begin the installation.
With Nexus Premium Without Nexus Premium
10. Wabbajack will ask you to login to Nexus and authorize your API key so it can download mods for you automatically. If this doesn’t happen, it isn’t a problem and means you’ve already set this up. 10. Wabbajack will prompt you to click all the needed buttons to download the modlist. Be prepared for this to take an extraordinarily long time. Current reports indicate installing the list manually takes approximately 24 hours. Also be aware that due to the amount of time required when installing this list manually, the list may update during the time it takes to install and you may need to start over if that happens. Installing with Nexus Premium isn’t required, but is strongly recommended if you value your time. If you must install the list manually, put on an audiobook or a TV show and make a day of it.
11. Wabbajack will now download and install all of the mods. This will take a while (3-4 hours at most).

Once complete, Wabbajack will indicate it is done with a green box that says “Installation complete”. You may exit Wabbajack after this appears.

If it does not complete successfully (a red box with “Installation failed”), visit the ForgottenGlory’s Modlists Discord server for assistance.

If you are using a 21x9 monitor, you will need to enable the Ultrawide Patches under Ultrawide Options (makes sense right?), otherwise the entire display will be off, and no one will have a good time. After you’ve done that, navigate to the drop down menu, and select ENB Organizer if you want to change from the default ENB (Rudy for Cathedral is enabled by default).

After chosing your ENB of choice, close ENB Organizer. In that same dropdown menu, select Empyrean, and than hit Run. First time load may take a little bit depending on your hardware (for reference, I have a 3060 12GB, an R7 3700x, and 32GB of DDR4 RAM, and it takes about 30 seconds to a minute to get to the main menu.)

Once you’ve reached the Main Menu, feel free to enjoy the ambience for a moment, and than hit New Game. You’re off on an adventure!!!