Character Creation & MCMs

Current MCM Document Version: 10/7/2021 2.2.0

For Dungeons & Deviousness to work properly, the MCM and Skyrim in-game settings should be set as follows.

A Word About Difficulty

Before you get started, a word about difficulty: Dungeons & Deviousness is intended to be a semi-hardcore list with survival elements and a relatively high difficulty curve. That said, there are several mods included in the list that affect difficulty and changing the in-game difficulty will do nothing. There is exactly one difficulty for Dungeons & Deviousness Director’s Cut: the one that comes with the list. If it’s too hard, too bad.

That said, the following three mods (AVA, ELSA, and CC&BR) are included to make it actually possible to play the list. Skipping them is possible, but you are strongly advised against skipping them under any and all circumstances.

Character Creation

Character creation in Dungeons & Deviousness is going to be slightly different than you’re used to. Follow the directions below in the order they are presented to make sure you set up you character correctly.

Also, before you begin, if you’re going to use a RaceMenu preset, it’s possible that they will look weird on initial load. You can load the head sculpt for your chosen preset from RaceMenu’s Sculpt menu. Doing so should fix any oddities with head shapes and such. Note that not every preset has a head sculpt to load, you should only do this if it looks weird.


Immediately after you create your character, you’ll be prompted to assign your attributes using AVA. You may do this now or later by selecting the appropriate response when the popup appears. If you choose to do this later, you’ll be given a power in your Powers/Shouts menu that you can activate to assign your attributes. You should select either Expert or Master when prompted.

ELSA gives you a bonus to a single skill based on your character’s background. To do this, select the “Reflect” option from your Power/Shout menu and then press the Shout key (Usually Z) to select your background.

The choices you make in the AVA and ELSA menus are permanent and cannot be changed without starting a new character!

Classic Classes & Birthsigns Reimagined

You will start the game with a book in your inventory called “Classic Classes”. Read this book to select a class and birthsign for your character. The book will be removed after you select a class and birthsign. You can still change your birthsign/standing stone by finding the appropriate one in Skyrim’s game world.

The choices you make in the CC&BR menu are permanent and cannot be changed without starting a new character!


  • Depth of Field: Minimum/Off

A Matter of Time

  • Presets
    • Click “Load user settings”, then wait for the confirmation message to appear.


  • Campfire Building: Realistic

Creature Framework

  • You don’t need to change anything here, just open the MCM menu to initialize the framework.

Cursed Loot

  • Debug
    • Import Settings

Devious Devices

  • Debug
    • Click “Import Settings”

Devious Followers

  • Debug
    • Click “Load Setting”

Estrus Chaurus+

  • If Estrus Chaurus doesn’t appear in the MCM menu, you need to go back to the start of this document and read the red text. :)
  • Animations
    • Click Register Animations to enable them, then exit the MCM and re-enter the MCM.

Follower Framework

  • System
    • Click Load from File

Gender Bender

  • Mod Active: Enabled
    • Gender Quick Change: Numpad 7

Immersive HUD

  • Activation
    • iHUD Hotkey: <
    • Key press toggles: Enabled

Less Intrusive HUD

  • General Settings
    • Click Load Personal Preset, exit the MCM, wait for it to finish setting up completely, then proceed.

Milk Addict

  • Settings
  • Click Import Settings

Milk Mod

  • Settings
    • Difficulty: Apprentice
  • Milking Configuration
    • Milking Duration: 1 sec
    • Feeding Duration: 1 sec
    • Simple Race Milk: Disabled
  • Debug
    • Enable Debug
  • Spell Configuration
    • Disable Skooma Effect: Enabled
  • Debug (Again)
    • Disable Armor Stripping: Enabled
    • Milk leaking effect: Disabled

Notification Log

  • You don’t need to do anything here, but you need to know this exists. If you miss a message in the top left corner of your HUD, you can check this to see what you missed.

OBIS - Bandits

  • Enabled?: Enabled

OBIS Patrols

  • Enabled?: Enabled

Powers Keyring

  • This is another one that you need to know exists. Powers Keyring lets you hide spells/powers from your magic menu and access all of the hidden ones by equipping the “Keyring” power and then using the Shout key (default Z). If your spell/power menu gets too cluttered, you should use this to clean it up a bit.

Schlongs of Skyrim

  • Smurf Average
    • Werewolf: Disabled
  • VectorPlexus Regular
    • Werewolf: Disabled

Sex Lab - Sexual Fame

  • Base Settings
    • Click “[Debug] Reset All Papyrus Storages”
    • Config Key: Set this to something you’ll never press, like Insert.
  • Customization Npc
    • Equipment for Naked Submissive
      • Allow Re-Equip: Disabled


  • Install
    • Install/Update Sexlab 163 SE: CLICK HERE
    • Close the MCM and wait until the message appears stating that Sexlab is installed and ready before continuing.
  • Sex Diary
    • Sexuality: Pick your character’s preference.
  • Rebuild & Clean
    • Click Import Settings, then exit the MCM and wait until you see a message stating “Creature Animations Installed” before continuing.
    • Wait an additional 30-60 seconds (“Creature Animations Installed” may show a second time), then continue.

SexLab Survival

  • Settings
    • Click Import Settings. When it says Actioning Settings, exit the MCM, then wait for a popup to appear saying “SLS: Import settings complete”.
  • Settings
    • Map & Compass Mechanics: Disabled
  • Exit the MCM and wait for “SLS: Pickpocketing Lists Updated” message to appear before continuing.

Simply Balanced

  • Save & Load
    • Click Load Custom Settings, confirm, then wait for it to say “Settings loaded.”

SL Anim Loader

  • SL Anim Loader’s MCM can take a while to load, but usually no more than 30 seconds. If it is taking too long to load, exit the MCM, wait 30 seconds, then try again.
  • The following settings may look like it disables some animations, but it doesn’t. Furniture Sex Framework will handle the furniture animations instead of SLAL.
  • General Options
    • Click Enable All
  • Animations by Leito Furniture
    • Click Disable All
  • Billyy_CreatureFurniture
    • Click Disable All
  • Billyy_HumanFurniture
    • Click Disable All
  • Billyy_HumanFurnitureInvis
    • Click Disable All
  • Ayasato Animations
    • Ayasato Table: disabled
    • Ayasato Chair: Disabled
    • Ayasato Counter: Disabled
  • General Options (Again)
    • Click Register Animations This can take up to 5 minutes to complete, wait in the MCM until it is finished.

Battle Fuck!

  • System
    • Click “Click to Check” next to Animations and wait for it to say “OK” in green.
    • Mod Enabled: Enabled
    • Now exit the MCM and then re-enter it.
    • Select Profile: D&DDC
    • Exit the MCM and re-enter it again.

SexLab Tools

  • Settings
    • Tool Key: O
    • Tool Actor List Key: O

Furniture Sex

  • Click Update Furniture Types
  • Filter Furniture Anims: Enabled
  • Override Chance: 0.20

Take Notes!

  • Controls
    • Open Journal: B

TK Dodge

  • (Optional) Double tap input: Disabled
  • Step Dodge: Enabled

True Armor

  • Save & Load
    • Click Load Balanced Settings, confirm, then wait for it to say “Settings loaded.”

True Directional Movement

  • General
    • Headtracking: Disabled
  • Target Lock
    • Toggle Target Lock Key: Mouse 3
  • Target Lock Widget
    • Show Target Bar: Disabled
  • Boss Bar Widget
    • Show Boss Bar: Disabled

Realistic Needs

  • Basic Needs
    • Click Start RN&D, then exit the MCM and then go back into it.
    • Check Needs hotkey: Esc/Unbind
    • Drink from Stream hotkey: K


  • Overview
    • Frostfall is: Enabled, then exit the MCM and wait for the “Frostfall setup complete” message to appear.

iWant RND Widgets

  • Enabled: Disabled

iWant Status Bars

  • Main
    • Click Load, then wait for the “Load Complete” message to appear. This may take a minute or two.


  • Features
    • Click Start Hunterborn, then exit the MCM and wait for the “Hunterborn SE started. Good hunting!” notification to appear.
  • Profile
    • Click Load Settings.

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