Coffee with FG 22


Let’s talk about Masterstroke v1.10.0.

So, first things first, it’s turning out to be a much bigger update than we anticipated. Miss Corruption has put in a ton of work adding a feature that I think will appeal to a lot of people, and then there’s the whole side of things that I want to do to the list.

The boring stuff about the update is that we’re updating a ton of mods and fixing a bunch of bugs (which I guess can be exciting, now that I think about it). The first exciting thing you should know is that we’re adding support for Community Shaders to Masterstroke. Community Shaders (plus Reshade) serves as a lightweight alternative to ENB with much of the same functionality (though not all) and is less demanding to run, making the list even more accessible to people who want to play the list but may not have the best computer.

Next, we’re going to be adding a ton of outfits to the list. Most, if not all, will be craft-only, meaning they won’t be distributed to enemies or chests or that sort of thing. That said, we are going to be focusing mostly on outfits that are approximately lore-friendly, meaning you won’t see things like modern fashions or cyberpunk outfits in the crafting list. I do however want to add some sets of things like lingerie or more sultry options, to really indulge the degeneracy. I’ll also probably add a few new followers because I just can’t help myself.

Now, for the biggest announcement of Masterstroke v1.10.0:

We’re adding a third profile to the list, called FG’s Cut. This profile is for people who miss Dungeons & Deviousness: Director’s Cut. It will have all the things that don’t strictly fit with Masterstroke, mods that I personally enjoy but are definitely not for everyone. It will likely have jank, it will likely have bugs, but it will be in the update. FG’s Cut will be based on the Creature Profile, but with… more. I don’t expect the FG’s Cut profile to be exactly playable (much in the same way that D&DDC was “playable”) but it should scratch all those itches you’ve been missing.

So, with all of that in mind, I unfortunately also have to announce that Masterstroke 1.10.0 is delayed. I originally wanted to get it done by the end of November, but… well, real life happened. So I need to push back the release of Masterstroke v1.10.0 to at least the end of December, with the hope that it will be sooner.

Also, I don’t normally do this, but if you want to help me make more time for the modlists so that future delays are less frequent, I’d really appreciate if you either subscribed on Patreon or made a small donation on Ko-Fi. I don’t expect a lot and anything at all is greatly appreciated, so don’t feel like you have to unless you’re able. It just helps take some pressure off of me.