Living Skyrim 4: Dev Diary 9

First Things First

Before we talk about LS4, I want to talk a bit about Living Skyrim 3.

Living Skyrim 3 has been a great list. Thousands of people have installed, played, and enjoyed it. Its success really can’t be understated. That said, we’re getting very close to a ready state for Living Skyrim 4 - yes, very much ahead of schedule.

To that end, I’m a bit sad to announce that Living Skyrim 3 is end-of-life. The list will remain installable until Living Skyrim 4 is released, but until then, Living Skyrim 3 will only receive updates if absolutely necessary. It will be receiving no further content updates or bug fixes. The only thing we’ll be doing for it is keeping it installable.

With that in mind, I’m extremely excited to announce that Living Skyrim 4’s public beta will be released on November 1st. It’s been a long time coming and we’ve been working our butts off trying to get it ready for you. I hope you’re as excited for the list as we are.

Beta Details

Living Skyrim 4’s beta will run from November 1st until I feel comfortable enough with the list to release it. It could be a month, it could be three months. We are still aiming for a Q1 2023 release for the list so we are in no hurry to rush the list out of beta.

Living Skyrim 3 will continue to be installable for the duration of the Living Skyrim 4 beta.

Please keep in mind that the beta is primarily for us to hunt bugs. The list is very stable - more stable than we expected it to be - but there is still a lot of areas we need to cover for bugs. If you’ve participated in betas for my lists before, you know that usually beta updates come fast and hit hard. We’re taking a slightly more relaxed approach to this beta. My plan is to update the list every 1-2 weeks instead of rushing out updates ASAP if we find broken things. That said, beta updates will almost 100% require new saves every time so don’t plan on starting a long playthrough on the beta.

To commemorate the beta, on October 29th starting at 11AM Eastern Time I will be streaming Living Skyrim 4 on Twitch. I’ll be playing the list to show it off and answer questions from the community about the list. I really hope you’ll join me for that.

Anything Else?

Not really. I may do one more dev diary as we approach the beta to cover anything I didn’t really talk about in previous diaries. If you have specific things you want me to talk about the process for I’d be happy to do that. Let me know on Discord if there’s something in particular you want me to put in a dev diary.