Looking To The Future

On March 24th I woke up to a very disappointing notification. Despite the rules I had laid out regarding reaching out to mod authors, people had done so. If it were just one person, I might have overlooked it. Five people did so. Some might say this isn’t a significant amount, especially when compared to the 15000 people on the Discord server, and the approximately 5000 people this directly affected.

By “directly affected”, I’m of course referring to the community and people who joined the FG’s Modlists Discord server for my NSFW content - first D&D/D&DDC, then Masterstroke. My decision to shut down Masterstroke as a result of the people who acted out was, to put it mildly, an overreaction. Both my staff and users have pointed this out to me. And I agree with them. And I apologize for acting this way. I made a hasty decision and it was not the correct one.

That said, Masterstroke will be returning. But it will not have an open Beta. The instability of a NSFW list that is not a part of Wabbajack’s UI (and therefore excluded from its automatic list healing) is not conducive to a happy, productive beta. So, the list will be submitted for official testing by the Wabbajack testers and then be placed on the Wabbajack UI. I expect this process will be completed within two months at the most. In the meantime, I will be reopening the NSFW side of the FG’s Modlists Discord server.

On March 26th we released Living Skyrim 3.8.0, with the promise that it would be the first in a line of list updates that would slowly but surely overhaul the list in most of its entirety. For this I must also apologize, because it’s also not correct. We sat down to look at the amount of work required to move forward with the 3.9.0 update and realized that it’s too much.

So instead I’ve started working on Living Skyrim 4. Surprise?

Living Skyrim 3.8.x will continue to be supported while I work on Living Skyrim 4 and receive bug fix updates. But don’t expect any sweeping gameplay or content changes for LS3.

Anything you see or read is subject to change at any point with LS4. Also, before anyone asks, Living Skyrim 4 is a long term project. My initial estimate is that it will take about 6 months before it’s in any sort of playable state and anywhere from 8 to 10 months before it’s officially released. Again, subject to change at any point.

LS4 Roadmap: Click Me!