Bourbon With FG 3

Hi. Long time no chat.

Living Skyrim 3.8.0 is coming at the end of February. It’s gonna be a big one. 3.8.0 is “phase one” of a comprehensive update to the list, where I’ll be revising a great number of things - graphics, gameplay, etc. This first round is going to cover some of the gameplay stuff and a decent chunk of graphics. We’ll also be 100% automating the MCMs using MCM Recorder. There will be some other tweaks, fixes, and changes, but that’s the big stuff.

MOISE is good. POTD is good, barring some bug fixes that I’ll get to soon-ish. Probably after LS 3.8.0.

D&DDC is dead, long live Masterstroke. Speaking of, Masterstroke is due for a beta. Due to the issues with Lover’s Lab’s API, I’ll be releasing the Masterstroke beta with a requirement that you manually download some mods. By that, I mean that Wabbajack will let you know what mods from Lover’s Lab you need to download. This should be fairly straightforward: It will open the webpage for that mod and tell you which file to download. Click the download button for all the LL mods and off you go. I need to make some tweaks for that to happen, so give me a couple of days to get that done.

No word on President Eden’s Paradise. This is a long-term goal that I’ll get to eventually. I may have more news regarding that next month or the month after. We’ll see. Same for Degenerate Valley (name subject to change.)

Atelier 2 is in the works but again, no word yet. This is another long-term goal of mine that we’ll release when it’s ready. Turns out hand-picking textures and graphics mods is hard and time consuming, who would’ve guessed?

As for other stuff… Well, I’ve been pretty busy. My free time has been pretty severely limited so working on the lists has been tough. But, with what little free time I’ve had, my wife and I were able to launch a podcast called Untheory. Untheory talks about the real stories behind all things strange, spooky, and mysterious in the world. We’d love if you checked it out. It’s available on all the podcast platforms you’d expect - Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc. Check it out on Spotify here: Click Me!