D&DDC End of Life Announcement

In case you haven’t seen, D&DDC has been discontinued. I feel I owe it to explain, at least in part, my reasoning for this.

  1. The current state of Wabbajack’s interactions with Lovers Lab are less than desirable. It used to be that Wabbajack was capable of using new versions of updated mods to continue to serve a modlist. This is no longer the case, making the act of keeping a list containing Lovers Lab mods installable is an act of futility. Mod authors can and should update their mods at any time, but the amount of mods in D&DDC make it almost inevitable that as soon as the list is updated, it goes down again.

  2. The state of the list in general isn’t where I want it to be. No fault of the mod authors, but the bugs that come from using so many mods are difficult to pin down, especially regarding Lovers Lab mods. The mods involved are extremely script heavy and diving in to try and fix issues with them isn’t always possible.

  3. The list is far behind my other lists. In terms of graphics, combat overhauls, and so on, it needs major overhauling in multiple areas to bring it up to date with the latest mods that have been released and future updates that are expected to come in the wake of Anniversary Edition.

With those in mind, I want to put some minds at ease.

I’m not done with NSFW lists. I want to replace D&DDC with something else that at least partially addresses the issues above. I have some ideas of how to go about doing that, but am not ready to share any details as of yet. More information will be forthcoming sometime in January.

Thank you to those of you that downloaded, installed, and played D&DDC. I hope you’ll stick around for the next list.