Coffee With FG 19

Have you tried peppermint mocha creamer? It’s delicious, highly recommended.

Weirdly enough, LS is the list that I feel doesn’t really need an update at the moment. There are probably some bugs we could fix but I don’t think there’s any really pressing ones that call for an update anytime soon. So, enjoy the list and feel free to start a long playthrough. Now’s as good time as any.

MOISE does need an update though - there’s a couple of things I want to tweak with it and I need to fix the broken Dark Brotherhood delay mod. I’ll try to get that updated before the end of the month.

POTD also needs some minor tweaks, but is 99% in a good spot. I’ll probably update it sometime in December.

D&DDC as usual stayed installable for all of 0.2 femtoseconds. So I’ll fix that soon.

President Eden’s Paradise is still on hold. I was made aware of a downgrade option that would roll Fallout 3 back to the version that works with FOSE, but I’d prefer to wait for FOSE to update so that I don’t have to jump through the hoops that Games for Windows Live requires. It will ultimately make the install process simpler for users and that’s always a good thing.

In other news: we’re going into the holiday season. This is notoriously a very busy time for me so I’d expect list updates to slow down during December. We’re very quickly approaching a point where all the lists are in good spots anyway, so I feel that taking a break in December will be good for both myself and the dev teams. We’ll be able to focus on support while compiling a list of things that need doing so we can start the new year with some solid updates.

As of November we’ve reached the two year mark for my modlists. Development of the very first version of Living Skyrim started in November of 2019. What a wild time it’s been. Again, thank all of you for your support.

Looking to the future, I have some plans I’d like to put into motion. The first is I want to work with Day7 to bring back Atelier in a new form. They’ve already done a ton of awesome work and I sincerely appreciate everything they’ve put into it.

Next, I’d like to do a D&DDC Lite. This would be a separate profile in D&DDC’s copy of MO2 that caters to more vanilla tastes while retaining the survival and classic RPG feel. I have no timeline for this at the moment, but it will be happening eventually.

Last, but certainly not least, I’ve floated the idea that Living Skyrim 4 will be coming in 2022. This is (probably) not happening. The reason I say probably is because it will depend how deep the changes I want to make run. If it’s easier to rebuild the list, I will, but if not, I won’t.

A more accurate description of what I want to do is “LS3 2”. I’ve said before that LS3 is basically everything I’ve ever wanted LS to be, but there are a few specific areas that I want to overhaul. So rather than rebuilding the entire list, I want to go in with a scalpel and revamp a few specific sections of the list. This is a long term plan, and I wouldn’t expect it to happen until the second half of 2022. Until then, LS3 will continue to receive regular updates.