Coffee With FG 17


Living Skyrim 3.5.0 is under active development, I’ve got it in the hands of the devs, and most notably, JaxomofRuatha. If you’re not familiar with Jaxom, they’re the CEO of Hotel Rule 11. The last time Jaxom helped me put together an update, LS2 got a whole slew of new goodies. I’m happy to report that this is going to be the case again. I can say with certainty that 3.5.0 is going to be the largest update Living Skyrim has ever received, ever. The only reason we’re not calling it 4.0.0 is because it’s “just” a major expansion of LS3, rather than a complete rebuild of the list. I won’t spoil anything, but trust me when I say you should be getting hype. Very hype.

D&DDC is due for an update, and I plan to work on that later this week into early next week. No further details at this time.

MOISE is good.

Atelier 2 has had a public beta release, so if you were hoping that list would come back, I’m happy to report that it’s probably going to happen, and soon.

Path of the Dovahkiin is coming up on open beta. I’ve got an alpha build to the dev team and we’re hammering out some last minute bugs. I expect the beta to be ready soon, but don’t want to put a date in stone yet. By the end of the month for certain though.

President Eden’s Paradise is on hold for now while I finalize POTD and work on LS 3.5.0 and D&DDC 2.2.0. I’ll begin working on that once POTD goes into beta.