Coffee With FG 14

Coffee’s good today, thanks for asking. How’s yours?

LS 3.3.1 is coming soon, fixing most of the bugs that got introduced with 3.3.0 or had to be pushed back because 3.3.0 was so huge. Maybe this week, possibly early next week at the latest.

D&DDC release was a resounding success. 2.1.0 is slated for late next week to fix bugs, refine the list further, and maybe add some new stuff. We’ll see.

This week is dedicated to MOISE and Atelier. Both lists need updates - MOISE to fix some bugs and get it installable again. Atelier to update mods and, also, get it installable again. Expect those updates very soon, within the next few days. Don’t expect any major changes with those beyond bug fixes and mod updates. Atelier will likely get some more outfits added.

Beyond that, status quo.

Next time there might be some more info about the screenshot y’all saw last time, but we’ll see.