Character Creation & MCMs

To take full advantage of the tools available in Atelier, the MCMs should be set as follows.


  • Options
    • Enabled: Enabled
    • Toggle: [Whatever keyboard key you want]

Quick Light

  • Type of Light Source: No Special Effect
  • Brightness: Bright


  • Open your inventory and locate the “AddItemMenu” item. Click on it to open it and take everything inside. Find the AddItemMenu spellbooks and learn those spells. This will add a power/shout to your character that allows you to search for any item in the game and add it to your inventory.

Schlongs of Skyrim

  • General Settings
    • SOS Potions: Disabled

Optional NSFW MCMs

The following MCMs should only be configured if you are interested in utilizing the NSFW content of Atelier.


  • Click “Install SexLab”, exit the MCM, and wait for a message stating SexLab is ready in the top left corner of the screen.


  • You don’t need to change anything in this MCM, just make sure to enable 3BBB by pressing the 3BBB Physics Toggle Hotkey while all menus are closed.

No Overpenetration

  • Enabled: Enabled

Gender Bender

  • Mod Active: Enabled

SexLab Aroused

  • Settings
    • Enable SOS: Enabled

SL Anim Loader

  • General Options
    • Click Enable All
  • More Nasty Critters
    • Click Disable All
  • General Options (again)
    • Click Register Animations This can take up to 5 minutes to complete, wait in the MCM until it is finished.

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