Atelier (noun, /ˌadlˈyā/): a workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer. And in this context, a Skyrim SE modlist focused on one thing and one thing only: taking screenshots. Atelier is setup to make taking screenshots as easy as possible out of the box. Just install, load up the game, pick some outfits, and you’re ready to go. This modlist isn’t intended to be “played” in the traditional sense. Certainly, the game is functional - all of the vanilla quests work and can be done - but that’s not what we’re here for. Instead, we’re here for powerful camera controls, the ability to set a scene exactly as you wish, and a vast array of outfits to pick from.

All of this with support for adding even more outfits and plenty of photo studio locations in-game to get exactly the type of backdrop you want. And if you want to take some shots of landscapes, skies, and so on, you can do that too. Built using the Living Skyrim 3 graphics package, Atelier will provide an outstanding game look even beyond all the character customization and outfits.

Last, but certainly not least, Atelier includes a very lightweight SexLab setup - meaning that if you want to explore the more lewd side of screenshots, you can absolutely do so. A selection of NSFW animations and skimpy outfits have been included so you can setup the perfect shot. Atelier also supports male characters out of the box if you prefer that.