D&DDC Roadmap


The Road to Dungeons & Deviousness: Director's Cut

This list is subject to change at any point.


This timeline is current as of 5/13/2021 and is subject to revision or delay as needed.

6/4/2021: Beta release

6/18/2021: Full release


Method Patched

D&DDC will be Method Patched.

NPC & Character Visuals

D&DDC will use a new set of NPC overhauls for a consistent look across towns and cities while retaining an attractive look for every NPC possible. Character visuals and customization will remain approximately the same as they are currently.

Graphics Package

The D&DDC graphics package will be based largely on Atelier, modified to accommodate the heavier script load that D&D is subject to. Expect good, but not outstanding visuals with D&DDC.

The Deviousness

The NSFW mods included with D&DDC will be trimmed down and refined into a more coherent package that provides both challenge and excitement, disposing of mods that are barely functional or cause major issues. As with many NSFW mods, there will still be some jank, but that's to be expected.

Very Likely

Gameplay Changes

Mods that modify gameplay such as Sacrosanct, the magic package, and so on will likely change to nerf things that were overpowered. As of the writing of this document, switching fully to SimonRim + SkyRem is being considered.

Armors & Weapons

The armor and weapon selection in D&DDC will be refined. Removals and additions are expected for this area of the list.

Player Homes

Several mod-added player homes will be included in D&DDC.

Screenshot Tools

A few screenshot tools will be added to D&DDC. Expect a bit more flexibility with this function, but not nearly as much as Atelier.



There may be a few more followers added to D&DDC.

Loot & Economy

The loot and economy of D&DDC may be slightly revised to extend the early-game gold struggles.

Creatures & Population

Mod-added animals and creatures tend to not play nice with the NSFW parts of the list and will likely be removed. The enemy and friendly NPC populations will be revised, decreasing the former and possibly increasing the latter.


Quests & New Lands

The selection of mod-added quests and new lands are unlikely to change, though a few more additions may be made.


It is unlikely that the audio of D&DDC will be much (if any) different from D&D.


The HUD & UI of D&DDC is not expected to change.

Not Changing


The body selection for D&DDC will remain CBBE + 3BBB.

Combat & Difficulty

The combat and difficulty of D&DDC is expected to stay approximately the same. If this does change, expect the difficulty of D&DDC to be higher than D&D.


The quantity and selection of animations will not be changing.

Survival Mods

Frostfall, Campfire, and so on will be returning for D&DDC, with the possible exception of bathing mods.


Legacy of the Dragonborn will continue to not be included in the list.